Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Steps to Routine

A lot of days I feel entirely unprepared to be an adult. I am not great at keeping the house clean or tidy. I am awful at organizing and getting rid of things. Then to boot, I am also pretty bad at establishing routine and the habits that would help me be a functioning adult. Add two kids and multiple home based businesses and it leads to chaos.

Then my sister casually mentioned she was going to start a bullet journal. I looked it up and found this post. It is long, but incredibly informative. And I have taken the plunge. I found a notebook and decided I was going to give it a try.

I am a week in, so this is hopeful, but it is helping. I am better able to track everything like when I last did laundry, to how long a knitting order is taking me. Honestly it is keeping me accountable to myself. I am the one who notices that the item on my list for the day went unfinished, or that Monday's list was too ambitious.

I am enjoying my bullet journal so much more than a typical planner because I can decide how big each day is, and stick in a new collection of the children's books I am hoping to find second hand, without causing a massive disruption to the system. It is systematic yet flexible for my slightly scatter-brained self.

It is nice to feel slightly more equipped for the stage of life I am in, and to push myself to grow.  If you give it a try, have fun!

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