Sunday, 28 February 2016


We have had about a month of sickness in our house. Revolving colds and now a random fever-causing virus for the little ones.

It has been an exhausting time. Sick kids do not sleep well or eat well. They get cranky, and I get cranky from the sleep deprivation and my own sickness. I have missed several weeks of church, playdates and the like.

But. It has been a time to grow. It has encouraged me to practice patience and extend grace to my kids. I am not naturally good at those things and it has been good for me. It has strengthened my faith that God will provide, as I have been too tired to stress about it. It has given me time to reflect, pray and grow.

As I sit here waiting for their daddy to get home from church, I am thankful that he could still go and that our kids were able to get the rest they needed. I may also be reminding myself by writing this that there are things to be thankful for in the midst of winter illness.

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